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When we hear that the Autumn is here, we usually put it into a negative context, and tend associate with humid, dark days, foggy and cold weather. However, Autumn has a pretty face too, with its colors, the sunny afternoons, and the evenings with some candle light and good wine. 

God knows if it is really the climate change or just a period, in the recent years it is not rare to have even 20 degrees Celsius even in October. Who wants to wear black and brown then?

It is October. Morning comes later and brings us a chilly start. Though Summer seems to be a distant memory,  we are still not ready for the Winter. Though Summer seems to be a distant memory,  we are still not ready for the Winter. We can still  …

Yogurt is unquestionably one of those products that we use in a huge variety forms, as a dish, itself, ingredient of sauces, dressings, appetizers, starters and main dishes, desserts and also drinks. It is present in the whole world from Indonesia to North-America,. 

The word yogurt is derived from the Turkish: yoğurt, and is usually related to the verb yoğurmak, “to knead”, or “to be curdled or coagulated; to thicken”. It may be related to yoğun, meaning thick or dense. It also spelled yoghurt, rarely yogourt or yoghourt, in English. 

Yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Fermentation is the process of converting carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids …


October 20, 2019

… and you do not have to spend a fortune… It is the season of corporate events. Permanent stress around …

October 6, 2019

Sustainable fashion is often referred to as a movement, the purpose of which is to foster change of fashion products

September 26, 2019

The idea of having one powerful ‘statement piece’ has ruled the runways in the recent years. Designers, …


July 14, 2019

The House of Creed is famous for handcrafting uncommon perfumes for royal houses and discerning patrons …

July 14, 2019

Byredo is a European luxury brand founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham, with an ambition to translate …

July 7, 2019

Amouage perfume is one of the world’s best-known luxury fragrances, which is originated from the Sultanate of Oman. …


October 20, 2019

A pumpkin is a cultivar of a squash plant, most commonly of Cucurbita pepo, and in case of larger versions, of Cucurbita …

September 29, 2019

Despite of its name, cheesecake is hardly classified as a cake. Some people refer to it as a torte, due to the presence of …

June 30, 2019

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. It is a creeping vine …


May 28, 2019

Philosopher Byung-Chul Han is one of the most recognized critics of the hyper-consumerist and neoliberal society, nowadays. The South Korean-born German author of the books …

June 22, 2019

Daniel Kahneman, an Israeli born American psychologist and economist, is notable for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics, is …


August 29, 2019

Time scarcity. We all feel it from time to time, even those who do not realize it.  …

July 21, 2019

There seems to be a worldwide consensus about Carlo Petrini being …

July 1, 2019

We are living in a world – especially in Europe – where we are continuously …


September 8, 2019

Love is beautiful. Love is blind. Love is unconditional, crazy, fulfilling, etc. Love can be eternal. Love is happiness. …

August 3, 2019

Why are there so many questions in our head? Why is it so necessary to find answers? And why do most of our …

July 28, 2019

This is one of the topics that has long been in my mind but never felt it to be the right moment to to come up with. …


October 6, 2019

First year of entrepreneurship I. – Welcome to the new reality​

When you first recognize that you are afraid of  changes, you have really

July 20, 2019

Illusions are fading … Does not it sound as a common place? It does. As it IS a …

June 23, 2019

… is probably one of the most difficult things, in the sense that until being confronted with with questions, like …


'Orange' color's meaning and symbolism

Positive associations:

abundance, adventurousness, agreeable, balance, change, cheerful, creativity, determination, encouragement, enjoyment, enthusiasm, expression, extroversion, fascination, flamboyance, food, freedom, fun, happiness, health, heat, hysical comfort, independence, informality, joy, optimism, passion, warmth, risk-taking, security, self-confidence, sensuality, sexuality, sociability, stimulation, success, sunshine, uninhibitedness.

Negative associations:

danger, dependency, deprivation, exhibitionism, frustration, frivolity, immaturity, inexpensiveness, insincerity, over-bearing, pessimism, self-indulgence, superficial, unsociable.


Confucianism: orange is the color of transformation. In China and India, the color took its name not from the orange fruit, but from saffron, the finest and most expensive dye in Asia. According to Confucianism, existence was governed by the interaction of the male active principle, the yang, and the female passive principle, the yin. Yellow was the color of perfection and nobility; red was the color of happiness and power. Yellow and red were compared to light and fire, spirituality and sensuality, seemingly opposite but really complementary. Out of the interaction between the two came orange, the color of transformation.

China: colors corresponded with the five primary elements, the directions and the four seasons. Orange indicates change, adaptability, spontaneity and strengthens concentration.

India: saffron is the most sacred color. Hindu monks wear bright saffron robes, announcing their renunciation of the ego and all their worldly possessions. Resembling the color of fire, saffron conveys sanctity, purity, and sacrifice. To Sikhs, it’s also the color of joy or bliss.

Europe: having long been the national color of the Netherlands and the House of Orange- Nassau. It also serves as the political color of Christian democracy political ideology and most Christian democratic political parties.

Europe and America: orange and yellow are the colors most associated with amusement, frivolity and entertainment. In this regard, orange is the exact opposite of its complementary color, blue, the color of calm and reflection. Toulouse-Lautrec used a palette of yellow, black and orange in his posters of Paris cafes and theaters, and Henri Matisse used an orange, yellow and red palette in his painting, the Joy of Living.

Ancient Egypt: artists used an orange mineral pigment called realgar for tomb paintings, as well as other uses.


Hinduism and Buddhism: a wide variety of colors, ranging from a slightly orange yellow to a deep orange red, all simply called saffron, are closely associated with both and are commonly worn by monks and holy men across Asia.

Hinduism: the divinity Krishna is commonly portrayed dressed in yellow or yellow orange. Yellow and saffron are also the colors worn by sadhu, or wandering holy men in India.

Buddhism: orange (saffron) is the color of illumination, the highest state of perfection. The saffron colors of robes to be worn by monks were defined by the Buddha himself and his followers in the 5th century, B.C. The robe and its color is a sign of renunciation of the outside world and commitment to the order. 

According to Buddhist scriptures and commentaries, the robe dye is allowed to be obtained from six kinds of substances: roots and tubers, plants, bark, leaves, flowers and fruits. Saffron and ochre, usually made with dye from the curcuma longa plant or the heartwood of the jackfruit tree, are the most common colors. 

The color of robes varies somewhat among the different “vehicles,” or schools of Buddhism, and by country, depending on their doctrines and the dyes available. 

Christianity: orange is the symbol of endurance and strength, such as the color of fire and flame. It represents the red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom. It is also the symbol of the sun. 


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