the myc team

We are a small group of individuals, each of us with a different profession and a regular professional life, besides which we all have our individual ‘secret passion’. Psychology, gastronomy, writing, fashion, beauty and health, science, history, etc. We are open for experiencing the colors of life, like novelties, experiments, exploring things and have a wide range of additional interests.

Life brought us together accidentally, however, we all think that similar people somehow find each other in the world, anyway, if they have something to do together. You may consider this website and the related services an experiment, to provide a platform, a common ground for many more of you. 

We have one more important thing in common: we all are enthusiastic about sharing. Sharing information on pieces of inventions, writings, thoughts or experiences that may add some more colors to our life. We are also delighted to welcome those of you in our team, who share the same principles and would like to contribute.  Contribution is welcome not only to the existing topics, but also in the form of adding new ones. 

See you soon …

OUR vision

We are working on developing this website to a magazine, to become the market leader of providing  quality content related to lifestyle. 

Quality content, in our terms, means not only the quality of each piece of publishing but also the reasonably similar emphasis put on the intellectual and social needs, customized for the individual preferences to the extent technically possible. 

Simply we would like to achieve a position to provide




We are working in line with, and expect our partners and customers, including readers and contributors, to respect, the following principles:

1. We are investing our knowledge and all reasonable efforts to achieve and maintain a high level of reader and customer satisfaction, in line with the principles set out here.

2. We refuse and make reasonable endeavors to stand up against any form of willful discrimination. 

3. We are exercising fair treatment towards our readers, customers, such as our merchants, peers and competitors.

4. We pursue our activity with a sense of social responsibility, and respect of the rights and interest of communities and individuals. 

5. We respect all opinions and support the right of free expression, unless they are in an absolute contradiction with other principles set out here.  

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