Bags, and more … bags …

Bags, and more … bags …

Why are we so obsessed with bags? Why can we spend hours queuing in front of stores and spending considerably more time on airports than necessary when it comes to touching all items of a new collection? If it is purely being a fashion lover, why do not we do the same with clothes, for example? 

Wait, there might be some other explanations…

Bag as an accessory

Bags are sometimes considered as accessories and sometimes as individual fashion items. It is most possibly due to the fact that those companies that produce and sell bags and shoes and other similar items may not consider their products simply accessories, but try to create stories around them and fill them with a kind of a personality. We, women, are so easy to fool, are not we? 

It might be the consequence that we also do not look at our beloved bags as accessories. Than what are they exactly? 

Bag as a daily mate

Let us be frank. Bags are more female things than male ones. Women tend to carry more things with them than men, and thus tend to have much larger bags with them in the daily level as men. Seems obvious. 

We have to carry our purse, our beauty bag, our documents (I mean ALL of them), our keys (again: ALL of them, as no one knows in advance what duties may arise in the course of the day), some hand cream, correction items for our manicure (for any case), liquid fertilizer, tissues, more tissues, glasses, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste (for any case), a pair of spare stockings, a pair of balerinas, pens and fillings for them, occasionally a scarf, gloves, and chewing gum or mints. Not to mention more.

I guess I do not have to explain further the size specifications…

Bag as a distinction

Believe it or not, my observation is that bags are one of the most important status symbols among women. I do not necessarily mean the brands and the price tags associated with them, though would not exclude in certain contexts. I would rather refer to the individual size and the size of the available selection of the same sized bags. The bigger (though stylish) the items the more contented, busy, varied life you have. This is – of course – valid amongst professionals, the so-called working ones. 

Besides or daily mates, most of us have a considerable stock of occasional ones, for theatre, receptions, balls and other social evenings, such as travel bags and suitcases in different sizes. The former ones we tend to wear as jewellery.

Needless to say, that bags need to have harmony with our overall style, actual outfit, match the season, and often our mood. Besides all the above functions. Consequently, building and maintaining the proper collection is a kind of a job. A dedication. A mission (impossible?). A passion. 

As a summary, a kind of an obsession. I am far from joking about it. Please see our contribution, instead. 

Happy shopping. 

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