Be beautiful in beige

Beige. It is not a color. It is a state of nothing. Nothing special. Boring. Nothing to tell about. This is how I was thinking about beige in my 20s. Many years have passed and I caught myself on searching for ‘how to wear beige from tip-to-toe’ type of articles and posts … Furthermore, I found so many shades that I could not resist to dedicate a whole post to a beige collection. 

It might be the aging, but also openness for natural shades, purity, simplicity. No matter what, it is now associated with nobility, elegance, and style. Let us take a look and pay some words to it. 

It was a bit of a surprise for me to see the Spring/Summer collections for 2019, where beige appeared as a reinvention. It has been presented as something dynamic, powerful and versatile. Of course, it was Burberry, who came out first, with the very classics, like tree-pieces suits, and also pencil skirts and day dresses made of unusual fabrics. Dior has chosen to put some elegant and glamorous on the table in the form of romantic tulle skirts and pleated evening gowns, all in neutral tones. Fendi added military-feeling trousers and belt bags to the scene, playing with textures like putting together lace and leather, to create contradiction. 

So, why did beige return and why exactly now? Did overstimulation, overexposure and overexplanation related tiredness (see our book review of Byung Chul Han’s bestseller) reach the fashion industry? 

Should fashion be the constant push and pull of action and reaction, then we may consider the revival of beige a backlash to the attention seeker approach triggered by the social media, where one may have the impression to have become the permanent showcase of his/her own life. Designers might have felt the need to be those who quit and force a fresh start on us, for our own good…

Whatever the reason, many of us is about to participate. But how to do that? How to wear beige? Keeping consistency with our palette, and stick to beautiful or outstanding tailoring and quality fabrics, we can find pieces that can be worn on their own, as well as layered together. 

I like to be ‘boring’ this season. How about you? 

List of items in MYC's selection (you can access by one click):

Ancient Greek Sandals Thais Links Leather Sandals
By Malene Birger Cotton Shirt
AG Jeans Prima Skinny Jeans
Balenciaga Sonnenbrille Unisex Metal
Manu Atelier Lou Round Box Leather Handbag with Calf Hair
Velvet Daydress mit umgekrempelten armeln
Soraya Hennessy The Ava Mae Straw Handbag
Max Mara Dayan Leather Mules with Knot Detail
RED Valentino Mini Dress
Joseph Ronni Fuji Silk Pants
Paco Rabanne Embroidered Top with Silk
Paco Rabanne Statement Earrings