Color of the month: blue – meaning and symbolism

Blue is associated with:   acceptance, authority, balance, calmness, care, caution, cleanliness, coolness, cooperation, compassion, confidence, contemplation, culture, depression, despair, depth, dignity, faith, flexibility, frankness, freedom, freshness, goodness, harmony, honesty, hope, ice, infinity, intelligence, introspection, isolation, law, logic, loyalty, maturity, obedience, order, peace, piety, power, protection, quality, quietness, reflection, reliability, responsibility, sadness, security, self control, serenity, sincerity, solitude, stability, stiffness, technology, tenderness, tradition, tranquility, transparency, trust, truth, unity, value, virtue, water.

Culture and religion: 

Catholicism: Virgin Mary, God Father
Islam: Mosque decorations, protection
Hinduism: Lord Rama and Krisna
Judaism: divinity, equilibrium, holiness