Brownie Blue – Autumn Outfit

Brownie Blue – Autumn Outfit

Days are getting shorter and you wake up for chilly mornings. It may be time for a hot chocolate somewhere under the blue sky, to remind you of the warmth and the sunshine during the summer. 

Is not the sky blue at all? You can still have the feeling by dressing  up using these two colors. No, autumn shall not necessarily be about reds and purples and oranges. 

Chocolate or coffee brown is a good alternative to black or navy. You can wear it with different colors to provide you with a different mood. 

This middle-blue makes your outfit humble but also interesting: nothing is overstated, though a bit playful with the dots on the skirt. For colder days,  for sure, add a cardigan or a blazer in either colors. A blue may lighten you up a bit more, while a brown may give you a more formal appearance. You can also easily find additional accessories to add to your collection that would make this even more distinctive. 

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