Chili pepper: red and  hot – an Autumn collection

Chili pepper: red and hot – an Autumn collection

Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 catwalk collections contain really hard color statements. Almost everything has been shown from strong yellows to the dark oil-greens, with several other berry, melone, wine, etc. colors in the reddish section, in between. 

Let us go funky and start with these red-like colors. When and how to wear them? What items to choose to stay time-less, stylish but also well-remembered? Follow us and find your colors from week to week. 

How many shades can you list? In this season cranberry, merlot, chili pepper, summer fig and biking red are trending, according to fashonistas… 

Chili pepper is red and hot, which might be a good start after a Summer full of heat-waves and temperature records, not to mention such anomalies as having higher daily maximums in Zürich than in Barcelona…

So, what can you find? What to complement your wardrobes with? See the detailed list of items visible on the featured image. 

Happy shopping. 

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