Dressing emergency

Being female and professional might slightly be conflicting, at least in my life, when there is a handover deadline, a signing date, a closing date or something similar coming. Do not think of such events when you push the ‘enter’ on your laptop or the ‘send’ on the fax machine, but those when after the last pieces of hassle there is some kind of a ceremony, or at least a group photo…. Yes. One of my nightmares…

You probably remember the gag about deadlines, as they tend to facilitate great inventions, performances, etc. If the deadline was not coming, certain things would never be ready or would never happen. Well. Cannot agree more…

Anyway, everything has to have an end, so some kind of a delivery, a handover, a publishing, a signing or closing will surely happen. Simply this is part of the game. If we are honest, we mostly do what we do because of those moments, when we feel that we have delivered something, and a greater or smaller success…

When I was younger, I had some pictures in my head about meaningful handshakes, signing important documents with nice pens that become the part of history, at least someone’s own micro history, wearing nice dresses and smiling on team photos with a glass of champagne in the hands. Actually, I have memories of having glasses of champagne in my hands, and also smiling, or at least trying to, but also about not having any pen with me when the most needed, not to mention the dresses and the look on the team photo…

And here comes the bottom line… Before those aforementioned deadlines, it hardly ever happens that you get to the hairdresser, to the cosmeticians, and have your best moment to show your outstanding charm. You are not relaxed and not ready for the success… Most probably you are sitting in front of your laptop the night before, tying to fix small things in a hurry, or turn around dead cases and bring them back to the table… All meaning that the last thing you can think about is your outlook …. We all have images in our mind, but reality is  – more probably – 15 years more and 15  sleeping hours per week less… 

Nonetheless, the next day comes, and you go with the flow, open your closet and – most probably – choose one of the black dresses that you know would fit anytime and anywhere… Or should…. Even if you are blond and have a very light skin plus a remarkable set of cosmetics at home to make magic when necessary, beyond 40, after not sleeping for days, eating rubbish in the office and not drinking enough, the little black might not be the best choice….

I was going through such event photos, recently, with one of my friends and had to realize that I literally look worse on those ones taken 10 years ago than now standing in the kitchen without make-up… I wish I was thinking earlier….

Actually, when in such a situation, we might seriously consider wearing something outstanding, which would make our day, just by looking at ourselves in the mirrors of every elevator we use and every shop window we pass by…

Outstanding shall not be overstated necessarily, but stylish or elegant, of course, though not black. Not even necessarily navy. But something lighter at least, or less common. Let us say, not so boring… What then? See a small inspiration here (you can also, immediately, order them with a click): 

Boutique Moschino Mini Dress with Belt
Maison H�ro�ne Handtasche Marlene Tablet aus Leder und Veloursleder
ALYX STUDIO Metallic Leather Pumps
Sergio Rossi Embellished Leather Ballerinas
ODEEH Striped Cotton Maxi Dress
Cult Gaia Fransen Mini Bag Angelou
Sergio Rossi Suede Pumps
Nicholas Kirkwood Sandalen Nini
Hugo Kasica Mini Dress
Manu Atelier Lou Round Box Leather Handbag with Calf Hair
Tabitha Simmons Brigitte Leather Pumps
Nicholas Kirkwood Open Toe Mules Kristen aus Leder
Steffen Schraut Florence Midi Dress with Embellishment
Max Mara Medium Leather Tote
Tabitha Simmons Bowrama Sandals
K.Jacques Metallic Leather Ellada Sandals

Some brands focus on exactly these needs, so why not to give a chance and buy some simple but stylish dresses in other colors than black? They need the same amount of place in the closet as the black ones (I counted once: had 12 black and 9 dark blue dresses… which I wore with different colored shoes, bags and scarves), and takes the same amount of time to put them on. Why are we hooked that much on black???

Ladies, it might be time to change our mindset and be brave. Choose those colorful items in the morning and make your own day. Unfortunately, most probably no one will remember after a while, how hard you have been working the night before, but all team members will have the photo in the office. And you on that, smiling, in your dress, with the glass of champagne in your hand….


Jacquemus Wedge-Sandalen Les Sandales Pilotis aus Leder
Rick Owens Toga Tunic Top
Jacquemus Les Sandales Pisa Suede Sandals
Juliet Dunn Verziertes Wickelkleid aus Baumwolle mit Print
Cult Gaia Korbtasche Millie
Tibi Slip Dress aus Seide im Color Block Look
Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Leather Sandals
Kenzo Printed Cotton Dress
K.Jacques Epicure Leather Gladiator Sandals
AG Jeans Prima Ankle Skinny Jeans