Green pea cream soup with mint – from home

Green pea cream soup with mint – from home

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The summer is over, according to the calendar, but the hot, sunny days prevent your mind from letting it go. The products available in the supermarkets remind you though that sooner or later you have to be. 

If you are lucky and hid away some fresh peeled green pea (you had not eaten them while peeling), you have now a good reason to use them, if you are out of stock, it is really easy to find freshly frozen versions anywhere. 


500 g green pea
120 g red onion (chopped)
2 pieces of garlic
1 bag of mint tea
500 ml water
100 ml sour cream
salt, pepper, nutmeg – as per your taste


Boil the mint tea bag in the half a liter of water, as you were to prepare a tea. Put the peas, the chopped onions and the garlic pieces into a pot, add the spices and add the mint tea to it. Boil it until it is done, meaning the peas, onions and garlic pieces are soft. 

Take a food processor and make it homogenously creamy, then add the sour cream and boil it again. Once ready, you can serve it with a bit of mint and ground nutmeg on the top. 

You can serve it as a small appetizer in cups, if you have guests, but also as a full soup. Sometimes, especially in hot days, it may be refreshing, if served cold. 

You can further decorate according to your taste: with some parsley, but also with whole peas. If you want something even more spectacular, you can provide some crispy croutons on the side. 

It is really easy to prepare and full of valuable nutrients. Enjoy, and do not forget to tell us how you liked it. 

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