Greys and greens – how to wear?

Greys and greens – how to wear?

Color trends in the 2019/2020 Autumn/Winter season cover several shades of greys and greens from paloma to stone grey in the case of greys and eden to forest biome when it comes to greens. Besides the monochrome outfits, which is something new in this season, why not to give a shot to the different combinations?

Coming from the dark side, finding a nice, elegant deep forest green dress and building your outlook around it would result in a fresh outcome. Simple, elegant and modest, although hard not to recognize. 

If changing the boots to high-heel ones and leaving the long cardigan in the wardrobe, this becomes an office.compatible selection. 

If wearing with flat balerinas and some spectacularly patterned stockings, it becomes not only a nice joke but a perfect outfit for casual afternoons and evening. 

When we leave the dominance of the dark greens, and switch unquestionably to the grey one, we can still feel outstanding. 

Wearing only the different shades of grey may give a coy feeling. Especially when you have this knitted dress as the centerpiece and this soft wool jacket on the top. But what if you combine with a little bit of oil green? You get a different feel. Stone and metallic colors still give the fresh and cool look, but the touch of that green softens. Switching to high-heels will not make it an office look though, but can make it a bit more formal or even more feminine. 

If you believe that making an impression is the stronger the better, try this outfit with shockingly bright colors such as reds, pinks or even yellows. You may find some really colorful bags – as an example – here.  



Moving towards the warmer shades, taupe comes into to the picture. Leaving greens out and replace it with some black, both in the form f a silky patterned long skirt and high-heeled black suede boots, you can have a fresh, light, but easy-to-formalize outlook. How? Imagine with an ivory blouse or a black body in the office. 

You can also wear it on casual days, when you have an evening out, or even for an Autumn city vacation to walk for hours and sit down for a cup of coffee. 

if you still find it simple, you may find some nice accessories here, or here


And these are just some examples. Do you still think that grey is dark and boring? Hard to imagine. Being a brunette or a blondie, you can find your perfectly matching shades. Take your time and use your imagination. 

Happy shopping. 

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