Holiday might, but Summer surely won’t …

Holiday might, but Summer surely won’t …

… be delayed or postponed…

2020 has surely been a special year so far, due to the global pandemic. We all have been locked to our home and forced to minimize our social contacts. As the sun came out and the weather warmed up, it had been more and more difficult to stay inside…. 

We are no longer locked, fortunately, so it is time to have our first iced coffee …. in our favorite café – outside. On the terrace. Business breakfast or afternoon snack with our friends? Doesn’t matter. We can dress up for anything. We haven’t been happier since for a while to leave our home for a bit of socializing, even if the two meters distance would be kept.

Did you go wild during the home isolation and put on your funkiest nail polish? Do not remove it now. Find the matching rouge instead and keep your outfit a bit more moderate. Black and white with some silver infusion is always a good option. 

Don’t you have enough variety in your wardrobe? Do you want to refresh your collection? Understood. You can easily access the items with one click, below. 


Happy shopping and lot of sunshine for all of you. 

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