Home isolation – day 10

Home isolation – day 10

Monday-Monday….You wish you could skip it once… You can’t. School, home office, shopping pressure on. 

You’re about to get frustrated because of the volatility of the digital learning material: one day it’s such a burden, the other day your kids are done with all the tasks in 2 hours. Why?

You enter into groups on facebook and other chats, regarding the issue, with other parents. Noone understands what’s going on. Is it a technical issue, or there isn’t actually enough material processed? Anyway, some parents circulate some extras, just to keep the ball rolling. It is good that some parents are also teachers…

Unfortunately, it also means that you are sitting almost the whole day, except for standing in the kitchen… Pain here, pain there….less patience, more stress…  But suddenly it crosses your mind: 


It usually helps. This time, you can’t go too far with your gym pass, so you either go out to the terrace (or run, if you find a relatively less popular time-slot, or an uninhabited area), or lock yourself into the sleeping room with your laptop and a yoga mattress. 

You will see, that several studios contribute to the well-being of others with their free training videos. Yes, I know that there are really huge differences in quality…. Find the good and enjoyable ones of the popular trainers. 

You will see, that some exercise makes a huge difference not only regarding your muscles and joints, but also standing capacity and mental strength. After returning to the living room and seeing your kids there chatting with each on their school laptops while eating on the sofa, you may not even freak out. Just kindly ask them to proceed back to the table. And clean the sofa. To the extent possible…

You will also see, that the remaining emalis can be relatively quickly answered, after this break, compared to the 1 hour suffering you would otherwise spend with it – and would finally postpone them for tomorrow…

You will be vital, ready to prepare the dinner, and also to eat normally. Not to mention to get tired enough (no, not the same way as after 8 hours of net screen-time) to have a good sleep. Which you deserve at the end of the day, so ENJOY IT. 

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