Home isolation – day 11

Home isolation – day 11

You’re in the third week of the isolation. #StatAtHome. Even your mobile reminds you of this. You wish you could understand why should this be flooding you…

You’ve got used to the new normal, but you ‘re no longer as enthusiastic as you were at the beginning. Actually, you don’t even recall the memory of spending this much time in one place. I mean in one country. Not in your home…

You know that most of the things around you are judged according to perception. If you like to be at home, this is a positive possibility. If you’re sick  even of the idea, then this is a punishment. 

You also know that you can engineer your mindset to an extent. It’s been lifesaving so far, although, after a while, you have to work hard to stay on the positive side… It’s then time to find something for the medium-long term, instead of living from one day to the other, fighting with the small annoying things from lack of motion to the lack of proper school tasks, not to mention the increased screen time of yours. You can try to associate being locked into your apartment, and to your laptop, in particular,  with something inspiring: 


Something. Anything, what you’ve been longing for. It can be such a small thing as cooking, something creative, but also a language. Something you can do with passion. 

You will see that opening your laptop will no longer be a pain, if you associate it with something that you do for yourself. If you are wise and you choose something else than those topics otherwise running at home due to the kids, you can also create a small own space for yourself (such as when exercising). 

Compared to reading, which helps you to get out of reality, learning will make your stay a lot more enjoyable. You”re growing and improving yourself. Time well-spent. Instead of a sacrifice. 

You will realize that learning as a grown-up person is very different form those days at  the university. You have a lot more behind you and, consequently, a lot more to build on. Funnily, even a baking course may feel different. Earlier it was some kind of duty to become a proper housewife (hm…) now it’s much closer to a creative experience. Baking can really be art. Did you know?No, not when watching it on TV. In your own kitchen. 

If you decide to learn or improve a language, the world will open up for you, relatively early, even if it is the virtual world for the time being. The new possession will encourage you a lot after the termination of the lockdown, Encourage to approach others and use your newly acquired skill. Time until then can more easily be considered as a period to sharpen it. 

No matter what, learning is always a new experience and some kind of enrichment. A good contrast to your – sometimes – miserable days, and tend to make you comfortable in this temporary new reality. ENJOY IT. 

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