Home isolation – day 12

Home isolation – day 12

April the first. 01 April 2020. The day to make jokes of others. Or others to make jokes of you… Since you feel locked, you don’t really appreciate jokes on this fact any longer…

If you’re honest, you got bored of your new routines, as routines are routines, anyway. Baking is cool only when you can bake whatever YOU want, but baking according to the demand of the kids lead to the hundredth croissant… If you have to smell a croissant again, you have a fairly good chance to want to kill yourself… 

You keep on. You always keep on. Not just because YOU HAVE TO, but because you’re that type. Do the mornings, invigilate digital learning, cook the lunch, do your own work and then entertain the kids after the lessons, not to mention your other half, who also have some signs of not enjoying lockdown that much… To leave the kitchen-diner for a period, at least, you need some activity, elsewhere in the apartment. So there’s an idea: 


First make a list of things that you are not happy with. Kids can’t reach the toilet paper, so find it everywhere, other than on their holder. The shelf is too small and too far from the water supply, so shower creams, caps, sponges are all over. Kids are lazy to put any effort into gaining the toothpaste out of the tube, so they usually open a new one once they reach the last 30%. This results in having 5-6 open tubes all over… You may also find cosmetic pads behind their container, soaked with water, no longer being suitable for make-up removal….I’ll not continue. 

You now have the time to go through the space(s) centimeter by centimeter, and rationalize. You will see how many forgotten items you may find here and there. 

You will also see, that how many unsuitable items you store there, and how clearly you see what to throw away and what to keep, once you think e.g. 2 minutes. 

You will realize, how many compromises you make on the daily basis – unnecessarily… You had better make those important ones instead of these small annoying ones. Don’t worry, nobody will compete with you regarding bathroom revision. They will be flexible as long as they must not move even a finger. 

You will appreciate the smallest possibility to have some privacy, no matter what triggers it. Even a bathroom revision can be fan if not interrupted by conference calls or emails. Not to mention the result: a nice, clean, reorganized, rationalized bathroom. With the minimum compromises.   ENJOY IT. 

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