Home isolation – day 13

Home isolation – day 13

Problem solver. This is how you see yourself at the moment. You renegotiate credit agreements, elaborate restructuring plans, provide HR related easement options and prepare business lines for divestment.  This isn’t exactly what you’ve wished for, but at least your business is running. 

You take care of the food at home, keep the apartment clean and disinfected, the kids in front of their laptops when it’s a school day, and try to make the isolation manageable for your other half, who seems to have some secret racehorse DNA….

You still feel passive in a way, as you’re far from your parents and other family members, so can only keep contact with them via the social media. All the duties are on your other siblings, which makes you feel bad. Supporting others is in your DNA, and being jeopardized in it is a kind of deprivation for you. So, find your ways to 


Those, who may be also far from their family members, but the other way around. Who may be more vulnerable and are alone with their daily problems. Think in a different – basically extended – way about the community, but organize your actions locally. 

You will realize, first of all, that you can take care of your own faraway family members to an extent by ordering their necessities online, and get them delivered to their doorway. So your isolation won’t feel that bad.  You should anyway keep a distance from them for their own interest. 

You will realize how big difference can small things make. Whenever you are going down to the town to grab food for your family, you can also pick up the pre-ordered packages for your elderly neighbours, and deliver it to their doorway. 

You will see how helpful the simplest advice can be, when provided for those, who are in need and are out of their financial resources. Which doesn’t mean any particular loss for you. Just a positive gesture. Why not to do that? 

So, be a community person and find your way to contribute. You shouldn’t be demonstrative or spectacular. That may not be your style. Just silently supportive. You have a fairly good chance to be remembered and appreciated when you may be in need. 

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