Home isolation – day 14

Home isolation – day 14

One more day to survive until the weekend. Nevertheless, it’s hard to judge which is more difficult, nowadays. A rainy weekend looks more acceptable, because you’re forced in to your apartment, anyway, so you don’t have the ‘fear of missing out’… 

You’re facing a nice, sunny Saturday and Sunday, and there’s a good chance to continue like that on the forthcoming weekdays. Still there’s more than two weeks to go, and it may also happen that the lockdown period will be extended. What a pity…

You think more and more often of the life after. Life after the lockdown measures were lifted. Would the daily life change? Most probably yes. But, first, you have to cope with the current period, no matter how long it may take. Either way, 


Plan your very near future and also a bit further ahead. Plan for the sake of planning. Do you find it unreasonable or not useful at all? You might be right. Under the usual circumstances…. But, we can agree, these are not the usual circumstances…

You will realize that planning makes your brain working on positive scenarios, although keeps you in the reality due to the premises you have to build on. It will help to maintain the hope that it was all good for something. I mean this period full of acceptance, compromise and adjustments. You gained experience and you are able to build on it now. 

You will realize, that plans are useful things to stay on the track in times full of ambiguity. Regardless of the number of adjustments you make, you still have a plan to guide you. When making adjustments, you unconsciously process the information you absorb from your environment. Absorb and process, instead of generating unstructured fear in you. 

You will realize that planning gives you strength by reassuring you to be in control. In control of your approach, attitude, emotions and fears, despite of being entirely exposed to the pandemic and all its consequences. As long as you have plans, you have hope. To make it. This way or that. 

You will realize, that plans are useful not only for the future, but also for the present. Planning drives you to valuate the present. You must decide what to keep and what to rule out from your scenarios. Once you are capable of making judgement, you’re  no longer  “entirely” exposed to the circumstances or just shift. You decide. Because, it shall be you who does. 

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