Home isolation – day 17

Home isolation – day 17

Probably one of your best recent weekends is behind you. At least, this is how you feel at the moment. You’re full of energy, don’t bother to have breakfast parallel to the digital lessons (feel a bit guilty because of the oversleep…), and would be be happy to share it with your friends, colleagues, whoever you usually do…. But not this time…

Your friends are busy with their week starts, probably frustrated as well, your colleagues wouldn’t necessarily understand why you’re reaching out with such ‘nothing’ in the first half of their Monday…

You then continue with the daily to do list, but have that small spark in you which makes you want to hug the world and spread happiness around. Later on, your plan is ready: you will


No, not that dishonest, window-dressing type of post that you see in the social media, and usually makes you feel bad (because of having your difficulties instead of having countless happy moments in your day…). I mean a piece of you, with all its colors. Good and bad. Your internal fights and those remarkable moments you had – for example – last weekend. Which keep you on the track….

You will realize that you’re not alone. There are several people out there who are fighting their own battles on the daily basis, and also who may appreciate your naked, honest moments. 

You will realize that you may be far better in written communication than you may be in oral. It’s question of personality, genetics or who-knows-what. Take a chance. You may not become a novelist at once, but you will have some nice moments that recharges you. What can you lose? 

You will realize that writing makes you re-think and re-live those moments that inspired you. You will recall all the tiny details to make it possible to transfer the messages to others. You will visualize again what made you happy…

You will realize that when you give, you also receive. Receive several nice memories and the feelings associated with them. You get filled with the hope that you may make the days of others. Inspire them to follow your example and do things they would not otherwise necessarily do. 

You will realize, that writing is not easy at all. Not easy, if you have professional standards in you mind. However, writing is something you can do for yourself, too. You don’t have to share it publicly, not even among your friends and family. You can just do it for yourself. You can still ENJOY it. 

You can find some personal writing experience here. But feel free to visit our blogs about career and relationship, as well. 

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