Home isolation – day 18

Home isolation – day 18

You miss human contacts. More accurately, you miss human contacts, other than your closely locked family members and the staff in the supermarket. You are thankful to social media, and feel blessed to be able to keep contact with your friends and acquaintances. Which is mostly writing and maximum telephone. As an addition. 

But you still miss those 15 minutes or lunchbreaks, or quick meet-ups when shopping your daily necessities. Simply, because it gives the impression to have an own life. Own means other than work and family. 

You know exactly that it’s not entirely the question of lockdown, but somehow the life you are living, and the geographical distance. Once the restrictions are lifted, you still won’t be able to do what you really want. So, act now. Organize a virtual meeting with those you would otherwise have that 15 minutes and 


Online. Don’t laugh. Sit in front of the computer (you are sitting there anyway, ha?) and type in the number. 

You will see that you didn’t have to repeat the meeting request many times, and surprisingly the invitees were available. They may have been waiting for something like this. 

You will see, that though it is not the same as a personal connection, but a bit more than pure texting and talking. You can see the faces, gestures, and will feel good. 

You will see that 15 minutes is not enough to catch up, even if you had the chance to keep contact. Time will fly very quickly and you will feel like your kids when you instruct them go to bed after playing online. You HAVE to come back to your duties. 

You will realize, that it is far not than difficult to find that 15 minutes coffee break, and makes a huge difference to chat a bit with friends or whoever you wish to. You will gain energy and also give. So do it more often. Even once the pandemic is over. And ENJOY it. 

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