Home isolation – day 19

Home isolation – day 19

Your home is your castle. You feel like your temple, too…. You remember complaining about time flying quickly. Now, it isn’t. You try to fill the days in a way not to feel this lockdown as a sacrifice. But an opportunity. You sometimes succeed, sometimes not. You feel tired. Burnt out. Empty… 

You put yourself together and follow the routine. Try to change your mindset, but you – this time – don’t succeed… There is nothing else left then to close this day, no matter what, and go to 


Close your eyes and clear your mind. Relax. Just breathe. Be silent. Just be….

When did you last do it? When could you the last time afford it? You cannot recall… But there are points in time where you simply can’t go on. Battery is low…. please connect to power….

Let’s see what will tomorrow bring….

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