Home isolation – day 2

Home isolation – day 2

Weekend is here. There’s not much difference, you’re right. Although, the lack of digital school may make a difference. In the morning, it’s difficult to judge if it was a good news or a bad one…

You didn’t go shopping, as you have quite some stocks, and it’s anyway such a pain to go down to the town, worry about what you touch and to find the fertilizer in your bag, everytime you had a product in your hand (of course, touching all your stuff within your bag when searching for it), and then go through all the items at home with the wipes. Home sweet home.

Before starting to cook for lunch, you see your kids hooked on their tablets/laptops, such as your other half. Since you were running the washing machine yesterday, you surprisingly find yourself without duty, any possibility to meet your friends or to go the cosmetics or hairdresser. So, what shall you do? Start reorganizing the wardrobe, throw away unused things, or something like that? Not bad, but do you really want to generate conflicts with asking yes-no questions about who is still using what? You must be joking…. There’s a much better idea: 


No, not the news about the actual status of the coronavirus spreading. Your other half will regularly disclose his findings, anyway. Not even the social media posts of your friends. I mean books. Ok. One book. The one that you planned so long. 

You will be surprised how quickly you read. You tend to think that you don’t have enough time, so why to jump into a story that you would most probably not be able to finish, but I have to shock you. Depending on the book you have started, you may not be able to finish in the first half of the day, but have a fairly good chance by the evening. I feel that you don’t believe it….

You will realize, relatively shortly, how much difference it makes to enter into a different world. If you made a wise choice and didn’t start some social science, analytical piece or – as a worst case – some political or historical book, which are your obsessions, you will relax. RELAX. Not a really familiar feeling, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone with the feelings like: how could I live without it, etc. 

You will recognize – ok, not the first day, probably – how relative things may be. Again, depending on the book you have chosen, you can put some parts of your life into context, or compare it to others’, take notice of processes, feelings, experiences other than yours and your surroundings’. Enrichment. You start to feel it, and it makes you smile.

You will create some short term desire, which is in an achievable distance (most probably the after.lunch or evening period). It will keep you excited during cooking,  will make you more patient with the kids who may get close to loosing their minds due to not be able to go out and hang around with their friends. 

You will feel the need to discuss your experience with your other half, instead of the usual things about organizing daily life, family matters, work sourced frustration or local politics. Don’t be surprised if he asks for your account details on Amazon, or creates an own one to download books – on your kindle…. Be smart and – more importantly – quick. No, don’t wait until the birthday to buy another kindle. Do it now. Anyway, when did you “just buy” something for him? Can’t you recall? Well…. another good reason…

Last but not least, you tend to forget, but you are a sample model. Yes, even if you are frustrated and feel down, when close to hate the world and also when doing your best for your loved ones. It may not happen on the short term, but you may start to see e-book readers on the wishlists of your kids. You know what to do, right? Do it then. Take the momentum. However, under any circumstances:  ENJOY IT…

If you would like to have some inspirations, you can find some of our book reviews  here. You can also contribute with your review.. Please feel free to contact us.

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