Home isolation – day 21-24

Home isolation – day 21-24

Ooopsss… You wake up and there”s something strange… You remembered the kids washing their teeth when you were proceeding to your bed. And now: what are they doing? Why is everyone looking at you like someone returning from war? 

Ok. You got it. You slept not some hours, but… actually quite some hours. A day….And you woke up for the fact that the lockdown had been extended with a week. You are devastated… Then your other half puts it into another context with telling that it is only ONE week. Not like what they are considering in France…

You are kindly reminded that it is Great Friday, and that no shops are open, and the long weekend has just been started. You get stressed, and plan to have a glass of wine, when you realize that SHOPPING HAS BEEN DONE. Wow…. Kids are also alive, which means that they have most probably been fed during the day. 

You realize, that something must have changed in your closest environment. Instead of screaming around you to wake you up and enforce the usual services, you were let to sleep. And the world has not stopped. Wow. Again. (You suddenly feel bad a bit about may not be that useful from now on, but ….) Your heart fills with warmth and you want to hug all of them. And you do, even if it is just 2 seconds as the kids get busy with the play station, 


This funny word comes to your mind when you enter the kitchen and start preparing the food for tomorrow, and make preparations for the baking in the morning. You look for the decoration, check the tablecloths, ingredients for the cakes and the spices for the Easter lunch. 

You call all your friends, exchange pictures with them about the preparations. Call your family and agree to have a virtual family lunch at Easter Sunday. 

No, you do not dress up for this short period of time, just sit together with your other half and that glass of wine, and start…

—start planning what to prepare, discussing to be eating inside or outside, if there is something needed, because supermarkets open on Saturday, so there is a last chance, then looking for places on the map that might not be closed over the long weekend and also not crowded, to go out shortly….

You decide to go to sleep and leave some room for spontaneous decisions, as the weather forecast changes. You tell how much you appreciate your loved ones and how happy you are. You both agree that there are some 2 more weeks left and you will make it. And now , at that very moment, you are sure you really will. 

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