Home isolation – day 25

Home isolation – day 25

Easter is over, such as the long weekend. Everything is back to normal. The new normal… There are two more weeks to go until the  first possible easements. It’s not much, but yes. It is….

The apartment started to look like a strange combination of a café and an open office with separate work-stations. Laptops, food, coffee and tea mugs everywhere, not to mention the chargers, headphones, mouses and other particulars. And paper… In the age of digitalization, in the 21st century…. Recently, they don’t disappear in the evening, but stay untouched, because ‘there’s no sense in putting away, as will be needed again the next day’…. 

There’s a point in these approaches, although you would prefer to have a home (separate form work-stations), and would do quite much to achieve it – most probably without success…. Then find some encouragement and hope to see the result of your work for more than a day, and


Anything you like or feel suitable, depending on where you live. If you have a terrace, and a small but nice garden, find some pots that you can fill with seasonal plants. Of course, I’m not about to convince you to rearrange the whole garden at once. 

Advantages of the pots are that you can move them around, depending on their needs and your preferences, of course. You can rearrange them without any particularly high investment. You can also play with the colors and foliage. 

You will realize how calming it could be to make your hands dirty and use the creative side of your brain. You still need some strategic thinking, and also logistics planning, but you can manage the whole process and adjust, where necessary, thanks to the built-in control mechanism…. ooppsss…. Your mind seems to be somewhere else, though…

Now, you have to stay at home (or return home) everyday, so you will be able to see the result of your work. Plants growing, starting to flower and then withdraw. You also have a good chance of other family members take some care about them, since they would be exposed to the view on the daily basis, as well. 

You will have a small place around you that doesn’t remind you of the work or school. Not even the lockdown. A piece of springtime. 

If you choose plants which have flowers with scent, and pieces that have their flowers in different periods, you will have a really nice environment which doesn’t only affect your eyes, but also your nose. And your brain. Mornings and evenings will become special. … Furthermore, most importantly, you create something, again, that makes your home isolation more enjoyable. 

If you would like to have some garden inspirations, you can find it here. You can also order seeds online. Remember that you can support the growers, who might be very negatively affected by the same measures.

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