Home isolation – day 26

Home isolation – day 26

You need inspiration. Yes, sometimes the usual source of inspiration needs also some inspiration. You look for some articles, blogposts and also browse through the social media. And you regret… Everyone seems to be super happy, super relaxed, super efficient and super confident… Very good. You feel completely the opposite…

You obviously know that you must feel lucky for a hundred reasons, and yes, you also know that it’s easy to grab one moment in your life and post it as it was your usual day… But still… you feel like in a hamster’s mill with no exit…

Probably it’s because the hardest is to read the last page of the compulsory literature and to write the last sentence of a work related memo. It may be the hardest to survive  the last period before… and you don’t even know before what… So, simply let yourself to 


It’s not a crime, and not even a deficiency. You’re a human, not a machine. You’re not calibrated to 100% efficiency. Even machines aren’t capable of that. 

Admit that you had to continue working, so home isolation hasn’t been a vacation for you, besides dealing with all the daily family issues, under different circumstances. Different means that you had no extra help, such usual things, as shopping has become a hassle, you have to make more compromises in line with availabilities, most of your work related duties are related to rather negative things, you take care of the kids the whole day  and  invigilate their learning, Just as some examples. 

Admit that you’re tired, Not only physically, but also mentally. Even though, you may cope with the actual circumstances, because you are the type who can deal with all kinds of circumstances, you may need some break. Here and now. No, it’s not the type of break when you go and have a sleep. It is the other type. The one when you enjoy your life the way it is. 

Admit, that you like it better when you don’t feel the pressure to achieve something. To be a winner, a champion, a superstar of something. Those who – hopefully – appreciate you the most aren’t those who like you on the social media. They are the ones who keep distributing their socks all around the apartment, who eat your thousand croissants, even those which aren’t perfect, who lose their headphones every schoolday morning, who disclose the most important news from the background, without you requesting it. And those who send you a text when you grab your phone and tap on their name to send them a text…

So, do nothing. Nothing else than be. Be present, be there, be available. Or just be. 

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