Home isolation – day 27-30

Home isolation – day 27-30

You’ve settled. Got used to. Accustomed to. Accepted. Adapted. More accurately: you’re adapting. Still have concerns though, but… You had concerns when changing jobs, when moving abroad, when deciding to stay, when starting an  entrepreneurship. But you’re here. But, but, but….

Basically, life has been like this. Forced you to change, or when being stable, you felt the urge to change. 1:1. Fair game. What is next? Who knows? Does it change anything in your short term daily routine? Not, really, so


doing what you do. Live your life and try to find the positive things. Yes, I know that it’s hard sometimes, but believe me:  it’s worth seeing difficulties differently. Otherwise they may have their power over you. You know where it may lead….

Keep on reminding yourself of the good memories. It’s better to fill your heart and mind with them. Life may try to add some negative things, from time to time, but you will not have space. It is full. With the positive ones. No vacancy….

Keep on dreaming. Big and small. Pursue your dreams. Teach your environment to dream, as well. You can’t give anything more to someone than the capability of dreaming. I don’t mean  instead of living a real life, but as a part of it. You can cope with difficulties easier if you can provide perspectives for yourself and can systematically seek the instruments for achieving them.  If you have a bad day, you can remind yourself why you’re doing it. And that this is only a stage. 

Keep on being present in your life, though, and keep on updating the dreams. If you happen to achieve something, you may need new ones. If you chose wisely, you can generate the feeling of success for yourself by achieving them. You will feel that you move. Change. Grow. 

Keep on learning. Even in small steps. The more you now the more power you have. The better you feel. The greater the world becomes. The more freedom you may experience. And: the more you will want to learn. 

Keep on being open. Sensitive. Sympathetic. Cooperative. We are all a part of something and if nothing else, this has been a meaningful lesson so far. Cooperative strategies may be more successful. Do not you think? Time will tell. But still there is a long way to go…


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