Home isolation – day 3

Home isolation – day 3

Weekend is still on. You originally thought that weekends may not be that different. Why should they be? No work, no school and you all are at home. Well. One thing is different though: you can’t go out. It is usually not a big deal, as you have bad weather from time to time, and you anyway have to stay inside. Unfortunately, it becomes a big deal when you’ve spent your whole last week (including the weekend) at home, the sun is shining and OTHERS ARE OUTSIDE. 

This is the point. You’re flooded with  bad news and warnings, so you try to comply and be cooperative. To avoid something negative and also avoidable. If everyone complies and cooperates….

Plan elaborated: you’ll be inside (your closed territory) when outside (on your terrace). It is March, so may be high-time to prepare for the nice weather. How? 


The season usually starts with some slight tension around who’s not doing what when it comes to do the clean-up before bringing out the furniture. And after which it’s much more difficult, and  much less popular in the family,  of course. 

You will realize that – due to some unexpected reason – cleaning the terrace (more accurately: doing whatever outside) has gained popularity, recently. Do not obstruct it. You will either have a more relaxed cooking period, as everyone else is outside, or have plenty of helping hands when doing the cleaning yourself. 

You will be reassured that such household duties are comparable to work-out, so you will feel less embarrassed about the closed gyms and police sending you home when about to go for a run. Of course, the efficiency has strong correlation with the size of your terrace, and the number of your kids. The bigger and more is the better. Size has an impact on the cardio-vascular system of yours, but the number of kids participating also contributes to your coordination skills and blood-pressure…if you had low, beforehand. 

You will be surprised by the fact that your kids are capable of surviving – longer than you’ve expected – without social media or online games. Such as your other half, although news addiction seems to be a rather more difficult illness….

You will realize that gender inequality is present everywhere in your life. No, I don’t refer to some unexpected urgencies coming from work, but such everyday things as who shall take care of planting and lifting heavy things and why… Choose your reasoning wisely, if you don’t want to enter into awkward discussions with the kids before going to bed, illustrated and underlined by youtube videos and facebook posts….

You will have a nice looking terrace, which is visible through the cleaned windows (regardless of having no cleaning stuff for this period). A small oasis has just been created in these difficult weeks, and some enthusiastic people around you, who are proud of their work. At least theirs… 

But there is one more thing: you still have time… and the decision is yours: how to fill it. Please promise one thing: you will ENJOY IT…

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