Home isolation – day 4

Home isolation – day 4

A new week has started. Back to the track. Well. At least get to some track. Apparently, the only stable thing in your life is: change. More accurately: adaption. Adaption not only to the fact that you’re not able to conduct your life the way you normally do, but also to  that you actually complete certain duties much more efficiently than before. Shall you be disappointed? Interesting question…

Be honest: you kind of enjoyed it for a while. Not so easy to admit, as it’s a consequence of the pandemic, which generates fear in you, especially when you’re to catch up on the news and have the crisis management meetings – virtually – at your workplace. You feel locked into your home life, kept away from the other parts of it, you have to compromise on things like your family members and friends, the hairdresser, the cosmetics, travels, you have to postpone doctor’s appointments and compromise in a huge part of your work. 

You have to face the future consequences, as well. You see your savings and investments melting. You worry about your work. About the colleagues. About your clients. … 

You realize that you can’t change the world, so you have to comply and you keep the things going. You think you have probably reached a point where you’ have been stuck with your thoughts. You tried to be positive, but now you think you may have become a slave in the kitchen, the slave of your own home and – not to forget about – your work. Because it doesn’t get less. It’s  actually growing,, tasks are piling up, stress increases and you feel trapped….

Set your boundaries. This is what you repeat for yourself. Do it. Easier said than done. But being locked into your home  also means that noone can get close. This is your castle. The only channels they (those in the ouside world) have to you are the telecommunication devices. So, at five o’clock, switch. Switch to another channel, and…


Do you remember your university days? I was sure. Of course, you have only fading memories… Recall them. Remember how you treated stress, pain, tiredness, loneliness or when you felt overwhelmed. Basically everything. With music. The right one. 

You’ will realize how much the world changed since then. You don’t have to wait for the radio sessions and record. You don’t have to go to the shop or order from amazon via post. Just find the right application and type in your credit card number. What a development. 

You will also realize that the world did not change that much. Not in you. Not the extent to which you are dependent on the songs you’re playing. No, this time it is not about getting deeper into the mood you have anyway been in. This is to find the way out. As there’s a whole world out there. At least there should be…

You will be surprised how quick it is. How quickly you can get out of your frustration and start to see the world differently.  Give it a chance.  What can you lose? Nothing. Some desperate moments and your bad mood. You will not miss them, I’m sure. 

Are you brave? Put away your phone or simply switch on the loudspeakers or whatever you have. Play it openly. Hopefully you were not listening to trash metal beforehand… Whatever is your choice and decision, do not forget: some moments shall be about you. ENJOY THEM.   

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