Home isolation – day 5

Home isolation – day 5

Weeks are very long and very similar… You’re not objective. Of course. It’s only the second one since you’ve been at home, and just the first been locked into your flat together with the whole family….

Do you remember who was complaining about days passing by too quickly? Yes, exactly. It was you. Next time take care what you wish for…. It’s actually here. As you wanted. Days being longer and time slowing down…. Wasn’t it what you wanted? Well, then you haven’t specified it properly. 

You have some new duties, like baking and cooking on the daily basis, have a relatively nice looking terrace, and a book is waiting for you when you have some minutes. And some ‘me’ time. You also combine things, like having calls when cooking, and listening to music when sticked to your laptop due to the increasing amount of tasks coming from work. 

Unfortunately, some things are added on the top, as well. You keep record of the duties of the kids, who somehow tend to forget even the basics. They remember clearly when the breaks are coming, but have shady memories about when to go back and continue. Very confident about what not to be delivered in the course of the week, but only puzzled small remembrance about the actual compulsory tasks… Not to talk about your other half, who is also finding various different ways to relax – when officially working. 

 … And it continues like that … and seems impossible to break the cycle… You feel that this period will most probably be harder mentally then physically… So, stop. Do not think too much, and – more importantly – do not worry. 


Have one together with your other half, when everyone else is asleep. Have one that you normally wouldn’t have. At least not at home and not in your pyjamas. 

You will realize that it will not break the routine, basically doesn’t change anything, but feels good. Relaxing. A bit crazy (why would one drink at home in pyjamas?).  

You will feel guilty a bit next day,  as you may think that drinking in the middle of the week is careless. But, it will feel good to have a shared little secret with your other half.

You will not become an alcoholic. At least, not immediately. And anyway, I meant one drink. You can’t anyway drink that much, as you have no access to your sources due to the lockdown. And the guests, the other day, didn’t leave that much behind….

You will sleep well. If you don’t drink much normally, it will go to your head, and force you to relax. Going to bed in a relaxed state will result in a much better sleep. 

You will ask yourself why you don’t do that more often. But you know exactly, why. And that is completely all right. So, this is an occasion. With a drink. With your other half. At home. In pyjamas. ENJOY IT.  

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