Home isolation – day 6

Home isolation – day 6

It is almost a whole week in complete isolation. And two weeks since the announcements…

It doesn’t sound like much time, so why are you yelling? Yes, it feels much longer. Longer, because you live with a certain level of fear. From the unknown, unexpected and unwanted. That is tiring. 

You fill yourself with the statistics, the government communications and recommendations. How to wash your hand, how to keep distance. How many people are infected and passed away. You try to see them as statistics, but you can’t. Of course. 

You also meet the different advice given by certain institutions in different countries, when watching television. The 90% of mails received refer this way or that to the pandemic. You either feel deprived of something or expected to be sympathetic, supporting or sorry. You permanently assess this information within yourself. Even if not recognizing it. You develop the feeling of not being compliant. You cannot meet all the expectations in parallel.

It is getting too much, as – after a while – you’re not capable of processing any further information on the same topic, just get overwhelmed. What shall you do with that? 


Just for a day. Take a break. Recharge. Don’t change your routine, keep safe, but switch off. The news will be there tomorrow, as well, unfortunately. You may not miss much, as new announcements usually come on Friday and take effect the next day. Do it today. 

You will see that it is much easier to imagine that this is a normal day, and you are simply with your family and in your home. Which shall not be that bad, once you got used to the circumstances. 

You will see, that you don’t need a constant bad news feed to keep you on the track, as your survival and protective instinct is strong enough. And you’re a responsible person, in general. 

You will see that all the information gathered actively and passively settles in you, and you can see the world differently. You will have time to sort out what is relevant and find the way to deal with it. 

You will see that less is really more. You don’t need much information just need the relevant ones. It is easier to find them when there is less noise around them. 

You will see, that you can deal only with a certain amount of issues, in order not to feel like you failed. Don’t be your own enemy. Be wise and very rational. You shall not solve all the problems in the world an shall not be responsible for everything and everyone around you. Concentrate on your close environment and be helpful there. You don’t have to always be involved in everything, and don’t even have to be funny and entertaining all the time. Silence those voices around you. And ENJOY IT.  

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