Home isolation – day 7

Weekend is coming. again. Yesterday, you weren’t sure about being enthusiastic about it or not But the switch-off did help. Honestly. You skipped a part of the bad news and you now feel more balanced. 

The school is still on, kids have duties and your other half is still addicted to the press. Your work still reminds you of the pandemic and the fact how immature – otherwise respectable – people can be when facing difficulties. Less illusions, again ….

Here we go. Friday. No further restrictions were announced, which you consider as good news. At least, you don’t have to accommodate any further rules besides the already pretty tight ones. There’s already  enough tension. You can almost touch it. This is the time to come up with something…. something what everyone likes….so


Make a democratic choice, and agree on the timing. Giving some bedtime allowance will help. Believe me…. Make it an experience. If you have your advisory instruments at home, make it a real movie. How? Use the projector on a flat white surface. But be prepared for that it might become a regular demand from now on …

You will see what a difference such small things make. A real cinema-like experience triggers cinema-like behavior (which means a much more mature one compared that you normally experience at home). 

You will realize that those two hours can be relaxing for you, as well, and will not miss out anything important, really. 

You will see, that things are really about perception. You don’t have to leave your apartment to have a different experience. It doesn’t mean that you have to remove outdoor activities form your list. Only that you can find quite some surviving techniques without any particularly huge investment. Just a little twist. Does the trick. 

You will realize that time can fly quickly. Unfortunately tends to fly when you enjoy what you are doing. So, in order to speed up with overcoming this situation, make it a pleasure. And simply,  ENJOY IT.  

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