Home isolation – day 8

Home isolation – day 8

Weekend has come and there’s nice weather outside. Your terrace looks pretty, and the garden reminds you of Spring now. How lucky you are to have it in front of you. You have almost not recognized it. Kind of funny that it’s the home isolation what reminds you

After the nice home-made breakfast, you start to hear the voices of an increasing demand for outdoor activities. Let it be. With the well-known restrictions. Can you see how irrelevant have laptops, game-stations, tablets and other such gadgets become? You are surprised, aren’t you? Here you go…

You gained the control over the apartment. I hope you know what is coming now? 


It’s not a joke. Seriously. Washing hands is the best thing you can do, although it’s even better if you remove the possible additional sources from the frequent places in your home. 

Take a pack of wipes, and start. 

In the kitchen, clean all the devices you use on the daily basis. Go through all the handlers and also switches. Don’t forget the bags and baskets you use for shopping. 

In the bathroom(s) it’s the same. All handlers, switches, towel hangers and the door itself. I guess your kids simply “close” it without even touching the door handles. So you know what to do…. Remember the taps and toothbrush holders, too. 

In the living space, extend the areas to cover the media devices, as well, such as those things you may think your kids are not interested in. Believe me that they are. Go through all the mobiles and tablets, such as laptops and headphones. All their bags and their toys. I mean it….

Bedrooms shall not be forgotten. Besides the usual things remember the window openers, the small sleeping toys and the things hidden under the beds… Shall I mention alarm clocks? 

Think over the whole project, and visualize the routes your family members may take. Use your fantasy, to recognize also those that aren’t the very obvious ones. 

I am sure you won’t enjoy it, as the wipes are full of chemicals which will hurt your skin, and you won’t use any rubber gloves to save them for more exposed situations. That’s all understood. However, the feeling that you’ve done your best is worth everything. 

Be prepared that the effect will not take long, but there”s not much you can do other than you”ve done already. It is just how it is. Keep on.  

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