Home isolation – day 9

Home isolation – day 9

Disinfection is a must. And not that big deal. Unless you do it with bare hands – in order to save the gloves for more important purposes. God knows what are they…

Your hands are aching and – since you’re still not good enough at avoiding to touch your face – you have the consequences there, as well. Creaming will do the job, but may be a long term process, unless you have a better idea. Of course, you do. 

It is raining outside, unfortunately, but there’s that cake on the table and some series on netflix, so you may have a chance to take some time for yourself in the bathroom… So, 


Your own one. Start with your face, that is the most important, probably. Put on a mask, and relax. 

Ohhh, I almost forgot to mention: either hide away for this time, or be prepared for some pictures of you going viral in social media… whichever suits you the best….

Otherwise, you”ll see, that that half an hour is a lot of time., You’ll feel really relaxed, if you could make it. Your face will feel like being full of life again, instead of full of disinfection chemicals. 

You can use a detox mask, or a revitalizing, anti-aging, whatever you like. You can also decide to regularly repeat this, with different mask types. Browse around here in case of living in Austria, here if in Germany, here if in HU, and here if in Switzerland. 

Your other half can’t escape, as he’s not allowed to be out. Your kids may make fun of you to the extent possible, but – at least – see you as a human being with all those characteristics and habits they otherwise see in compromising videos and images pushed to their face by the social media. Unless you are better with the family filter installation than them. Which I wouldn’t give particularly high odds, to be honest with you…. 

You can also afford such tiny treats for yourself in weekdays, as noone can see it over the phone or via email. Please be careful to switch off facetime…. It also does not effect the baking and cooking efficiency. Not to mention the washing and dish-washer loading. 

All in all, you don’t have to suffer from cosmetics-deprivation, you just have to organize it differently. You will anyway ENJOY IT. 

You can find all kinds of cosmetics and beauty products here in case you live in Austria, here if in Germany, here if in HU, and here id in Switzerland. 

You can also visit our DEALS page for country-specific promotions, form time to time. 

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