… and how we cook rice

… and how we cook rice

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Cooking rice have seemed to be a straightforward thing for most of us. Until recently. When one of the largest broadcasters have come up with a video…

Have to admit that I was a little surprised when hearing colleagues (males, in particular), earlier, to buy innovative gadgets for this purpose, as could not imagine why on Earth would they need anything else than a pan and water. And, of course, the rice. 

There are some myths around the rice cooking, for sure, but usually when it comes to the different types, shapes and characteristics, which make some suitable for sushi, risotto or other iconic meals and others not. Those meals have their own specific rules that you had better follow them in order to have a nice and tasty outcome. 

But, you can also use rice as a side dish, as quite some cuisines do that, so let us go back to the basics and see where we can go to keep it the easiest. Are you ready? 


1 portion (take a cup this time) of rice
2 portions of water
1 tablespoon oil, or coconut fat, but you can also leave it out
salt or any other spices as per your taste, which you can also leave out


Put the oil or coconut fat into a pan, and heat it. Put in the rice and stir a bit until it heats up, as well. Spill in the cold water, add the spices and cover it. 

Once it starts to boil, switch of the cooker and leave it there. If you are cooking on gas, which does not stay warm after switching it off, put the whole thing into the oven and leave it there. You simply have to let the steam and heat work. 

In approximately 20 minutes, it will be ready. 

I like rice, as it is, but also use it as a side dish, mostly for Asian food. If I go wild, I put the leftover of fresh vegetable (cut to small pieces) into it (together with the rice, without increasing the amount of water). 

Does it still sound complicated? Of course does not. So you can make your first independent steps with it. Later on, once you tasted a portion of well-cooked rice, you can proceed and follow other traditions, dig into the deep to discover other cultural differences, as well. Will be an interesting journey. 


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