One dress – two outfits for the evening

One dress – two outfits for the evening

… and you do not have to spend a fortune…

It is the season of corporate events. Permanent stress around what to wear, to remember the outfits we have presented in the last couple of years, not to be repetitive. Even if we can expose the same dress on two different occasions in a particular year, we might feel better to renew in outlook and thus feel different. 

What happens if you carefully plan your outfit in advance then the weather turns extreme? It is also a solution to keep the centerpiece and reshuffle the additional items, accordingly. 

There is one more good news to tell: these items have been in the possession of someone else – most probably with a similar lifestyle and problems – although, the dress has not been worn, so you will be the first to cut the tags. Other items are in excellent status, meaning that they were most probably spending their time in someone’s closet waiting to be explored….

Do you need additional convincement? Here you go: buying these items means a small step towards minimizing waste and production related environmental issues, and the whole collection is available far below their usual high street prices.  You can check all the details below, by clicking on the respective item. You can also find more treasures here

Happy shopping. 

List of items in MYC's collection (you can access by one click):

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