Purple passion

Purple passion

Pastels and faded colors around you, wherever you go? But you want something hot and outstanding? You’re at the right place. You don’t necessarily have to go with the flow,  be flattering and eye-catching in a different way. 

Purple and hot pink colors tend to take their place right besides the reddish shades, as they seem to be something stable and timeless if paired with simple and polished lines and structure. 

You’ll be floating on clouds and walking on sunshine in this flattering dress, made from stretchy neoprene-like fabric. It’s sure to hug you curves in all the right ways. With a feminine fit and flare silhouette, this piece is sure to grab some attention wherever you go. If you wear it with these strappy heeled sandals, it will further elevate your look. Matching color small  bag may complete a timeless and elegant style. 

For the evenings or events, a dark tone, silk starpless dress may be the choice. Paired with strapy heeled sandals, with a touch of gold, and a shiny small clutch bag does the trick. 

If you don’t feel like wearing a dress and prefer flat shoes for some reason, you shall not give up on being stylish, at all. Using a strong contrast between the dark purple pants and the lavender colored top, paired with a slight powder-pink based bag and shoes will provide you with an outstanding look. 

Ready and steady? Here we go with the access. 

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