The new trend: monochrome – how to wear it?

The new trend: monochrome – how to wear it?

One of the straightforward trends of 2019/2020 is monochrome. Monochrome, meaning to use one single color to build up your outfit.

You can follow the rule of combining the same shades of one particular color but also to try to play with them a bit to create a different experience. You can apply for your casual, but also your business formal outlook and anything in between. 

There is – of course – one particular color, black, which always delivers, regardless of having a gym suit or an evening dress. Obviously, this is one of the easiest and safest choices when it comes to making attempts to go monochrome. To spice up your combination, you can chose one additional color to be applied in small quantities. Gold is probably one  of the most popular ones. You can find a small collection here, which follows these rules.

Probably one of the most common alternatives of black is brown. Although coffee brown is mostly associated with formal outfits, there are several other shades from the chocolate to cognac that would also make the job perfectly. You can see how to create a collection from slightly different browns still resulting in a consistent outcome.

One of the season’s favorites is wine, merlot, or bikers red, depending on  the source of reference. Nice dark bordeauxs and their variations. Provided that this is a very feminine color, we put together a collection with a skinny dress and a blazer with a specific  texture to fir both formal and evening occasions. 

What is you do not feel confident to dress into one single color? You may find some nice small accessories from stockings to jewelry, from scarves to bags. 

Provided that several different colors are available at the latest trends, going monochrome does not mean to become boring. You can chose a color for every single day, depending on your mood. 

If monochrome is no longer your favorite, these timeless and stylish pieces can also be the part of your different collections for a long time. Combining with each other or some other pieces in your wardrobe may be an option. 

Remember, it does not have to cost you a fortune to love fashion and stay stylish. You just have to make the right choices. 

Happy shopping.  

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