Who said that Autumn should be dark?

Who said that Autumn should be dark?

When we hear that the Autumn is here, we usually put it into a negative context, and tend to associate with humid, dark days, foggy and cold weather. However, Autumn has a pretty face too, with its colors, the sunny afternoons, and the evenings with some candle light and good wine.  God knows if it is really the climate change or just a period, in the recent years it is not rare to have even 20 degrees Celsius in October. Who wants to wear black and brown then? 

It is October. Morning comes later and brings us a chilly start. Though Summer seems to be a distant memory,  we are still not ready for the Winter. We can still walk in the city without jacket in the afternoons, and sit outside in most of the restaurants for dinner. Why not to enjoy it? 

Colors are not just the expression of our underlying daily mood, but we can also influence it by wearing something hearth-warming, funky or anything that makes us feel simply good. 

Coming from the casual side, but not the “pop into the shop on the corner for a freshly baked croissant” casual, a dress is always a good choice.  A long-sleeved one does not require additional layers on the top, other than your beloved white leather jacket. 

You can wear it with heels or with some lace-up boots. The fury scarf can be a pure decoration but has its function in a windy evening, as well. 

One thing is sure, you cannot be in a bad mood when walking down the streets and seeing your reflection in the shop windows. 

We have more workdays than weekends, which mean early wake-ups, rushing into the office or to the airport. Long travels or long meetings, sitting in an aircraft seat or in a meeting room.  

Depending on your job, and the period of the week, there are some possibilities to avoid the dark tones this time of the year. 

Pinkish red colors can give a sparkling tone to every outfit. Why not to combine them with some creamy white? 

If you have some nice pieces to use as the base, any color addition can give you a different feel. 

More difficult days require more red. Am I right? Ask for it at the manicure, and choose a larger cover instead of the small silk scarf, or use leather gloves. 

In case of facing a balanced Friday, furthermore, the ‘Friday is a casual day” rule applies, although you have a slight chance to have lunch outside the office with a partner of yours, you may like a light and bright combination. 

Keep your white leather jacket, and add your favorite jeans. To avoid looking like the one who just ‘pops in for a croissant’, the high-heel boots, the light blue designer piece on the top, the shiny white bag and the silk scarf may do the work. 

Who could feel depressed and moody seeing these clear and light colors? 

Those who do not have anything similar in the wardrobe…. All can be combined so well, in different seasons, thus have a good chance to become your new favorites. 

So, make up your mind and take a look. All the aforementioned pieces are available below, but feel free to browse around for additional unique treasures here

As you may know by now, you do not need a fortune to grab some designer pieces and look unique. Most of the above are new ones, meaning you have to cut the tags. Others are also in excellent condition. Who can ask for more? 

Happy shopping. 

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